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High Bay / Low Bay Upgrade

High bay lights typically illuminate an area 20′ or below and are commonly found in large warehouses, food processing areas, assembly areas, etc.

Typical inefficient high bay lighting:               Efficient T8 high bay lighting:


In contrast, low bay lights are lamps mounted at lower heights typically below 20′ and designed to cover relatively wide areas common in industrial space and public concourses.

High bay and low bay lights are typically fluorescent or High Intensity Discharge (HID). In recent years, fluorescent technology has advanced in light output such that HID light fixtures can be replaced on a one-for-one basis in hi bay indoor applications such as gyms and warehouses with a 50% or more energy savings while improving lighting quality.

Through the San Francisco Energy Watch program we can retrofit 400W High Bay fixtures with new 4-tube high efficiency T8 high bay fixtures at nearly no cost!

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