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New Light E.D. is now powered in part by biodiesel!
Posted on by Staff

After a long search, New Light has acquired its first van.  We were certain that we wanted to buy a diesel van so we could run biodiesel, but in the San Francisco Bay Area this is not such an easy task due to the high demand for diesel vehicles.  We persevered and are now proud to run around town and show up on the job site with veggie power.  We hope to buy another van in the very near future so we will have one in San Francisco and one based in South Bay for our jobs there.   We are happy that there is Dog Patch Biofuels in San Francisco to fill us up with 100% recycled, local vegetable oil resources.

Unfortunately as bootstrappers, we don’t (yet) have that big cash account for those dreamy diesel Dodge Sprinter vans.  We were able to find a solid Ford F-350, ready to spring into service.  Its a ’01 with 172,000 miles.. so should be good for another 200,000 miles or more?!  They say these engines can run strong up to 500K miles.  It’s not quite mint condition so now comes the fun part of cleaning it up and giving it some New Light personality.

The fact that our core business function is to install energy efficient lighting through retrofitting existing commercial buildings is just one part of our commitment to sustainable business.  We aim to not just ‘do good’.. but to also ‘be good’ – and this means incorporating sustainable choices into all realms of the business.

What’s biodiesel, you say?  Here is a quick primer.  

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