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LED tubes – external versus internal driver
Posted on by Staff

Post from our very own Lindsay Wood, aka the one-and-only LED Lady!

Let’s dive into the difference between internal (integrated) drivers and external drivers for LED tubes. Why does this matter? Because when a client is pitched on the idea of spending three to five times more than what a typical fluorescent tube costs the reason they do this is because they are being told it will last.

However, when cheap stuff from China floods the market and the promise is broken then this puts a bad taste in everyone’s mouth for LEDs. The benefits of external power supply (aka Drivers) are such that the tube and the driver operate separately so when the driver finally fails it doesn’t take the tube with it or vice versa.

LED Green Light just became the first external power supply LED tube to hit the DLC list. With 110K hours, 22 watts and 2700 lumens, this tube will de-lamp and make it so most high hour users (grocery stores, parking garages, etc.) will be able to put money in their pocket month one. For now take a look at the article talking about internal vs. external drives..CLICK FOR ARTICLE

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