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Benefits of a Lighting Retrofit

Upgrading your lighting system has many potential benefits, not least of which is that California has banned the sale of 100 watt fluorescent bulbs and in 2013 sales of all incandescent bulbs will be banned in the U.S.

Direct Financial Benefits

  • Reduced electricity bill for lighting – direct benefit to bottom line
  • Reduced AC cost – less heat production
  • Reduced maintenance costs – longer lasting bulbs
  • Tax rebates and deductions
  • Enhanced property value (but no property tax increase) – NOI * Cap Rate!

The table below shows savings by our customers across the 450 jobs completed to date. Note the average ROI and quick payback period.

Savings Total annual savings for our customers $1,367,043
Total CO2 saved/yr. 5,314,020lbs
Equivalent to removing this number of cars from the road/yr. 513
Average rebate as % of job cost 75%
Average payback period 5.5 months
Average ROI 213%


Indirect Organizational Benefits

  • Increased employee productivity – less eye strain, flicker, and buzz
  • Increased employee safety – better lighting environment
  • Improved morale – fresh look, uniform color
  • Positive publicity – it’s good to be green

Local Economy Benefits

  • Local job formation – build the green economy
  • Healthier infrastructure – driving market to greener pastures

Societal Benefits

  • Reduced dependency on foreign energy (national security)
  • Improved public health from cleaner air

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduced need for more power plants
  • Reduced carbon emissions