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Retrofit Types

These are the most popular retrofit types. Click on a link to see what may be best for your business:

High Bay / Low Bay Upgrade

High bay lights typically illuminate an area 20′ or below and are commonly found in large warehouses, food processing areas, assembly areas, etc. Typical inefficient high bay lighting:               Efficient T8 high bay lighting:     In contrast, low bay lights are … Continue reading

Incandescent to CFL

This is probably the simplest of all retrofits, replacing a power-hungry incandescent light bulb with an energy thrifty Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL), also known as a compact fluorescent light. In comparison to incandescent bulbs CFL’s use only one-fourth the energy … Continue reading


An induction bulb is a fluorescent type bulb without the metal electrical contacts used to conduct electricity to the light-emitting gas inside the bulb. The lamps are capable of using 40% less energy than their regular fluorescent counterparts. Some models … Continue reading

T12 to T8

T12 and T8 refer to diameters of lamp tubes. A T12 lamp has a diameter of twelve eighths of an inch, or 1-1/2 inches and a T8 is eight eighths of an inch, or 1 inch in diameter. Typically a … Continue reading

Outdoor Upgrade

Most commercial outdoor stationary lighting is High-Intensity Discharge (HID), especially where illumination is necessary for wide areas such as for streets and parking lots. Obvious retrofit opportunities include newer, more efficient HID lamps and ballasts. A retrofit might also include … Continue reading


A Light-Emitting-Diode (LED) lamp is a solid-state lamp that uses light-emitting diodes (LED’s) as a light source. LED light bulbs typically last 50,000 hours, twice as long as fluorescent’s, and are up to twice as efficient. Unlike fluorescent and incandescent … Continue reading