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FAQ tagged with 'HID'

Frequently asked questions

HID — What does this abbreviation mean?

High Intensity Discharge Lamp. These lamps are typically used for illuminating large areas. The most common types are mercury vapor (MV), metal halide (MH), and high-pressure sodium (HPS).

How do I safely clean up a broken bulb that contains mercury?

The Environmental Protection Agency has detailed instructions. The most important step is to first get out and air the room! Note that CFL’s, fluorescent tubes, high intensity discharge bulbs, neon bulbs, and other lamps may contain mercury. Please see this … Continue reading

What are the four basic types of lighting?

Incandescent – the most common type of lighting in the home; the familiar light bulb Thomas Edison perfected as a practical, commercially viable lighting system. Fluorescent – used most commonly in commercial settings and which is much more efficient than … Continue reading