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We believe in practicing what we preach, and we do our utmost to operate with as little energy and resource consumption as possible.  A few of the sustainability attributes of our operation that we are proud of;

  • Core business model is to retrofit existing lighting fixtures with top quality and most efficient options to give fixtures a second life, as opposed to fully replacing with new fixtures – minimizing our demand on new resources.  When we remove existing fixtures we make every effort to get them into the re-use stream before resorting to recycling
  • Strict and thorough recycling policy on all job sites – separating and recycling all old ballasts, tubes, different types of bulbs, wires, metal, and common recycling and compost
  • Our two vans are powered by 100% recycled veggie oil.  We use Dogpatch Biofuels in the San Francisco and The Green Station in South Bay
  • Office energy use is offset through PG&E ClimateSmart™ program.
  • Web page is hosted by Canvas Dreams – powered by alternative energy sources
  • We have hired through SF JobsNow program, Calworks, and PAES employment programs
  • Use 100% post-consumer recycled content paper products
  • Source the ‘blanks’ for our company shirts from Goodwill – minimizing new resource use

We’re excited about this opportunity to do good while being good.

We’re proud, and sometimes astonished by how much energy our customers save, and how much their expenses are reduced each month. And we are especially proud of the high customer satisfaction generated by our dedicated employee installation team, and are humbled by our ability to create new, forward looking jobs in today’s difficult economy.