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U.S. Dept. of Energy Fluorescent Phase Out

Posted on by Staff

This is an interesting flier that discusses the U.S. DOE’s planned phase out of fluorescent lights, specifically T12 technology which is still used in approximately 30% of commercial businesses in the U.S. The flier also gives answers to commonly asked … Continue reading

National commercial lighting survey

Posted on by Staff

North America’s number one lighting company, OSRAM SYLVANIA, part of Siemens AG, conducted a survey of more than 350 facilities across the education, health care, hospitality, office and retail sectors. The goal was to see what was happening in the … Continue reading

What to do if you break a CFL

Posted on by Staff

If you break a CFL bulb the U.S. EPA recommends you take the following steps to protect yourself and the environment. The file also includes a link to help you find a bay area recycling center near you: CFL Recycling … Continue reading

Is it true that mercury vapor and metal halide lights can be hazardous?

Posted on by Staff

Unfortunately there are associated health risks when these types of lights are damaged. Read this article for safety information – FDA alert.

Recycle your old bulbs!

Posted on by Staff

This is a recent article about how the U.S. is rapidly shifting from incandescent light bulbs to newer energy-efficient lighting. Unfortunately, this rapid shift is also causing environmental concerns because many of these old bulbs which contain lead are not … Continue reading